Inspired by a Nurse, designed by a World-Class Engineering Team.

Our Story

Memesto was born from a Nurse's idea while caring for patients suffering from memory loss in long-term care facilities. After years of working with different concepts, prototypes and engineering teams, the inventor found a group that took the concept to reality. Edgewater Safety Systems joined with the team at Edgewater Development to design, program and ultimately build the final working memesto prototype that is now in full-scale production.    

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Our Team

Rick Blake
President, Edgewater Safety Systems LLC
Founder & President of Edgewater Automation LLC

Zach Gordon
Vice President, Edgewater Safety Systems LLC
Memesto Inventor
Registered Nurse, Lakeland Regional Health

Jim Grandholm
Vice President of Business Development, Edgewater Safety Systems LLC
President & Founder of Green Earth Electronics Recycling LLC
Former NBA Player

Mike Welch
Investor, Edgewater Safety Systems, LLC
Partner at Magnate Capital Partners, LLC
President of Magnate Worldwide®

Daniel L. Hayward, MD
Investor and Health Advisor, Edgewater Safety Systems LLC
Internal Medicine, Lakeland Regional Health

Roger Johnson
Investor, Edgewater Safety Systems, LLC
Owner, Roger Johnson Construction
Owner. AJ's
Owner, Property Management

Seth Vander Ark
Vice President of Marketing, Edgewater Safety Systems, LLC
Business Development Manager, Edgewater Automation